Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Noro contest is going strong. I'm getting goofy. And Mr. Ngumbo is getting rich!

Half the fun of having a contest is looking at all the entries we receive. Yes...I really do open and read each one just in case somebody asks, "Do you know of a cardigan pattern that has one short sleeve, one long sleeve, tuxedo tails and pom pom bunny rabbit tail on the back?" (Answer: Yes, I do. I designed it myself.)

It's great fun for me because not only do I get to see the answers, I also get to see where people are from. We've had a few entries from Australia, lots from the Scandanvian countries and many from the GWN.

I'm enjoying the signatures on the letters, too. This morning I found one from Amy Lynn. It said, "Veni, Vedi, Velcro. I came. I saw. I stuck around." That really made me laugh!

After reading over ONE THOUSAND emails, I thought I was almost finished. And then it hit me. My spam file.

You know the spam file...where the faint of heart should never venture. This morning, I opened it up and I found letters from:

a. 3 very friendly Russian girls who'd like to marry me;
b. 17 pharmacies in China;
c. A lady at Interweave magazine who wondered why I hadn't answered her;
d. 27 people who can help me increase the size of a body part I don't even have;
e. 6 people who'd like to help me reduce the size of the body parts I do have;
f. 8 offers for Rolex watches that have come down in price from $10,000 to $14.99 plus S&H;
g. Facebook because they think I've forgotten my password and they'd like me to send it to them;
h. A nice man in Nigeria who's going to share his inheritance with me as soon as I get back from my bank this afternoon;
i. A bunch of people who want to give me FINAL WARNING on something.

I also found a whole bunch of contest entries. Really, I don't think those knitters should be hanging around with the people in my Spam box because I have a feeling those people aren't very nice...even Svetlana who says she can't wait to meet me.

I've put all those entries into their proper place now.

Gotta run! I've got only one hour to get to CitiBank before the generous and soon-to-be-wealthy Mr. Ngumbo decides to share his good fortune with someone else!


Sasha said...

See, not only would you have missed out on several entries if you'd skipped over your spam box, but you would have also missed out on being rich, well-endowed, well-drugged, and meeting your Russian soul mate.

Deborah said...

Sasha, you're the kind of person I admire. I'll bet you see the silver lining on every cloud.

Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Ngumbo took the money I wired to him and has not deposited the $100,000 in my bank account as he'd promised. When Svetalana showed up she looked nothing like the photo she sent (she swears that's how she looked 45 years ago), the enhancement drugs were confiscated by our local FBI office, and the people at Rolex have sent me a letter from their lawyers.

Well, on the bright side, some people in China want to buy a URL I own for $13 million. As soon as I sign the papers, my life will be back on track.

Dulcinea said...

there's also the tagline.....
Veni, Vedi, Visa

I came, I saw, I did a little shopping


Amy Lynn

Deborah Knight said...

That's a great one!

Hey, I just thought of one...

Veni, Vedi, VD

I came, I saw, I was a little too friendly.

Best regards,