Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enter our Spotlight on Noro Contest to Win a $150+ Gift Package

This morning, readers of Yarnmarket's Spotlight Newsletter received our latest issue: Spotlight on Noro.

In it they not only found great articles about Noro yarns and designers, plus info on all the new yarns and patterns, they also were invited to enter our contest to win a $150+ Noro gift package.

If you haven't yet read your copy of Spotlight, be sure to do so. You won't want to miss this opportunity to win an autographed copy of Noro Volume 26, a copy of Noro: Meet The Man; 10 skeins of Furin yarn, a set of size 8 Lantern Moon blonde needles plus a deluxe Yarnmarket bag. This is a great prize for any Noro fan!

And a note to all of you who have already entered: Whew! I've read each and every entry and I'm so thrilled to learn how much you love the Noro yarns. Special thanks to those of you who over-achieved by counting every single color!

I am happy to report, thanks to our entrants, that Yarnmarket has 304 different colors of Noro yarns in stock!


erikaoller said...

How to enter the Noro contest>? I went to the page but saw no place to write my answer.

Many thanks, Erika

Deborah said...

You need to send an email to Noro@yarnmarket.com with the answer to the question: How many Noro yarns does Yarnmarket have in-stock?

The information is under the heading "Win" on the Spotlight on Noro.

You can find the answer on our web site by counting, or within the article about Noro in the Spotlight newsletter.

Good luck!