Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Transitional Dressing in the Yarnmarket Newsletter

Jan just sent out the newest issue of our newsletter and it's loaded with information about yarns and patterns that are perfect for spring's hot and cold spells. I just love this one from Noro -- the Silk Garden Cardigan. We've got this available as a one-click project on Yarnmarket which makes shopping for all your supplies faster and easier.

This issue has some great ideas for springwear, babywear (because there are so many on the way), and a terrific looking Supersock Striped Scarf for the guy in your life. (I'm disappointed to report that the guy in the photo isn't included in the one-click project supply list.)

Jan suggests a pretty shawl for spring and has selected a pattern by Ann Smith, a winner of our TKGA pattern contest last year. Ann created the Calla shawl pattern using Caledon Hills. This pattern is free to download so be sure to print off your copy.

It was a real coincidence that one of our TKGA prize-winners lives in our neighborhood and is a Yarnmarket shopper. I love it when Ann drops by to show us her latest ideas and to pick up a few balls of yarn for her knitting experiments. The other day when she visited with us, she selected some very pretty Abstractions yarn by Kollage, in the color Happiness. We both thought it reminded us of nougat candy with the colored jellies. I can't wait to see what Ann creates for this yarn. I'm always so impressed with her work.

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