Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't be a chicken! Knit for the birds!

Okay, if you've been reading this blog you already know I'm almost certifiable. Fortunately, I'm surrounded by others who barely notice my insanity because they, too, share some of my more visible lunacies.

Many thanks to Penelope Taylor, editor of Knit 'n Style and Kathy Blumenstock, a journalist/knitter/animal lover who have brought this BBC news report to my attention.

Yes, there are chickens in the UK who have lost their feathers because they've been confined to a cage all their lives. A very nice group of people rescues these chickens and tries to find them good homes. And pretty sweaters.

So...I guess this means I'm going to be knitting for chickens.

I just love living on this planet. How can you get bored in a place where people put sweaters on poultry?


Anonymous said...

Ok, Ms. Knight. I have, as of reading this post today, indeed seen it all. Your Val Pal

Sasha said...

Well, that's an interesting way to start my morning. I wonder who the first person to say "Hey, what about sweaters?" was thinking.

Deborah Knight said...

Isn't that funny?

My husband says the only thing you should put on a chicken is barbeque sauce.

He won't be making jokes when I'm sitting at night my knitting chicken sweaters.

Pam MacKenzie said...

If you think that's funny, how about New Jersey's mysterious Midnight Knitter? You can see the story about him/her and the tree sweaters that the Midnight Knitter is making, along with a photo, at

Deborah Knight said...

What a riot! I love it when people do goofy things like that just to make people laugh.

My daughter lives in New Jersey. I wonder where she was last night?

Thanks for sending the link!