Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey, baby! See CAT's interview with vintage designer, Kristen Rengren

When I saw the vintage white baby outfit in CAT's latest video from Rhinebeck, I just knew I had to make it. Now all I have to do is talk one of the kids into having a baby.

Deidre, our youngest, is getting married in October so maybe she'll agree to have one for me. Deidre loves fashion, so I'll show her the wonderful garment I'll create (for Little Deb or Little Alexa) if she'd just be kind enough to provide me with a grand-daughter.

If that's not enough incentive, maybe I'll throw in a nice pair of shoes. Deidre cannot resist shoes.

Oh...have I mentioned that Brenda, who has been whining for YEARS that she wanted a grandbaby, has learned that she's going to be the grandmother of two! That's right. She hit the Daily Double with twins! Congrats, Brenda.

But back to CAT. At the end of her video she mentions a few of the Yarnmarket newsletters we produce. I really chuckled because "Shear Bagatelle" is actually pronounced "Shear Bagatell" and not "Shear Bagattelli."

Well, that proves me wrong. I figured everyone knew the term...but sometimes I know really dopey stuff that I incorrectly figure everyone else also knows -- like all the words to the A&W radio jingle from 1971 and the fact that Loudmouth Lime and Freckleface Strawberry were really popular flavors of Funny Face beverages. This is why I can't remember my own telephone number. Too much stuff already packed into the files.

Anyway...watch the video and learn all about Kristen Rengren and her wonderful vintage designs.

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