Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Fabulous Felines for our fabulous knitters!

I'm elated to announce the arrival of five new Fabulous Felines yarns at Yarnmarket. For those of you who aren't familiar with this line, it's an absolutely gorgeous merino yarn that's hand-dyed by the fantastic Iris Schreier of Artyarns. Iris uses the softest, most luxurious yarn so it will feel almost as good as the thick, luxurious fur of a Persian. Many knitters tell us they're surprised by how soft and cushy it feels -- and what phenomenal stitch definition it provides.

I'll be writing a lot more about the winning pussycats on our Fabulous Felines site. But here's a preview for those of you who want to see who won and which colors are available.

Our first pussycat is the lovely Monet. Any cat with this kind of Impressionist coat deserves to be named after one of the Parisian artists...and he deserves to have a yarn named after him!

Next, we have Evie with pretty blue eyes. Evie recently became a mother...and her little babies all have those gorgeous eyes. too. If they didn't live in England, I'd be at the doorstep to adopt one...or two.

Now we present Truffle who lives in Germany. Truffle, we hear, has personal issues stemming from an overly enthusiastic digestive tract. (I suggested to his owner that perhaps the problem belongs to her boyfriend, but he's blaming the cat.) You can read more about it when we add his life story to the Fabulous Felines site.

This pussycat is Hamlet. I think he looks worried, but his owner says he always looks like that. Isn't he a sweetypie? This shot makes me laugh every time I look at it.

And, last but not least, is Spooky. We loved his green eyes. And I got such a kick out of his owner's note when he was entered into the contest. The last line was, "I love Spooky." Yes, we all love our pussycats, don't we?

Congratulations to all the wonderful pussycat owners whose cats have been selected for this new release. We've got many more in the be sure to send your pussycat photos to Winners receive one free skein of their pussycat's yarn.

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