Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Many thanks to our customers, staff and business partners.

This Thanksgiving we'd like to take a moment to thank all our customers for their support throughout the year. It's truly gratifying to help you enjoy your knitting and crocheting, and to see the wonderful projects you complete. We hope you take advantage of all the informational and inspirational materials we offer so you can enjoy your craft even more!

It's a real pleasure to get to know so many of our shoppers and it's especially nice to be able to meet them. We're always thrilled to have a visit from Donnely Barber or Jennifer Penny or Laura Luvs2Sing. Margie Karl and her friends from Nationwide often join us for events, LittleWit and members of the Clintonville Gang, Tracy Owlchick and her friends who came to see us all the way from Maryland!

We think Stef has adopted Jackie Awerman as her "Mom in Florida" and we've always appreciated Jackie's enthusiam for our shop. We wish her well on her upcoming surgery.

There are so many wonderful knitters and crocheters to whom we owe our livelihood. I wish I could name them all!

And then there are our friends in the yarn industry...and you know who you are! We thank you so much for helping us create a business that is in the business of making people happy.

As many of you already know, Yarnmarket is just a small group here in Pickerington, OH. Alex and I are very fortunate to have so many wonderful people helping us with our shop and online sales, and we hope they already know how much we appreciate everything they do. We're very proud of them because they work so hard that people sometimes think we're part of a big conglomerate! They're surprised when they find out it's only us Yarn Martians working as hard as we can to please customers we truly value.

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving with their family. Be thankful for your blessings...and remember that the things we own mean nothing compared to the people we love.

Yarnmarket will re-open on Friday morning.

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