Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Knit Simple presents a Fabulous Felines project in their December 2011 issue.

When I told Alex about my idea for yarns in the same colors as cats, he thought I was nuts. And perhaps he was right. But eventually the idea grew on him so he gave in and let me have a little fun. To make the project more inclusive, I collected photos of cats from Yarnmarket shoppers all over the planet. Once I had hundreds of pictures, I selected a bunch to send to the hand-dyeing genius, Iris Schreier of Artyarns.

Iris chose the most gorgeous 100% chunky merino wool to use for the exclusive Yarnmarket line, and after a few experiments with colors, we launched Fabulous Felines yarn.

The line didn't just have the colors of the cats' fur, but also eye colors because you know how beautiful (and hypnotizing) a pussycat's eyes can be. Much to my delight, the yarn has become really popular. I guess people appreciate the beautiful colors, and the yarn is so soft and cushy you can't resist squishing it and saying, "Ahhh..."

You can't imagine how excited I was yesterday when I got a message from the lovely Renee at Soho Publishing to let me know that they'd used Fabulous Felines in the color, Evie's Eyes, to create some accessories for their December 2011 issue of Knit Simple. Boy, was I ever thrilled!

Renee sent a photo so I could see what they'd done...and don't you love the pattern? If you'd like to get it, and the yarn, you'll find it online as a Yarnmarket project called, "Fabulous Felines Hat & Mittens."

As I mentioned, this project uses the color, Evie's Eyes. Here's a nice shot of Evie so you can see how well Iris matched them with her dye. We've got 11 shades right now, and we're always looking for more!

(Photo credit: Knit Simple Winter 2011, photo by Paul Amato)

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