Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Introducing...Fingerless Mitts made from handspun yarn from Blue Rose Fibers

A while back, Alex called me at the office and told me to leave immediately to take care of a problem at home. The problem was a little pussycat who showed up in our yard, threw herself at his feet, and wouldn't leave. It turned out that she wouldn't leave because he kept filling up a bowl with tuna juice...and no cat can resist tuna juice.

The little pussycat was injured so we took her to a vet and got her all patched up before she was adopted by a wonderful lady who has provided the kitty with the best home possible. I named the kitty, "Mercedes" because she'd been hit by a car.

Her new owner (and now Mommy) Donnely calls the pussycat, "Ms. Mercy."

It turns out that Ms. Mercy's Mom spins yarns and creates her own knitting patterns. Well, what better way to repay her for her kindness than to offer her yarns and patterns on Yarnmarket.com?

Today, Donnely showed up at Yarnmarket with her friend, and presented us with kits she'd created for her fingerless mitts. We loved them, so Michele shot a photo and Stef got them online and for sale right away.

The mittens are created with Cotswold sheep and bamboo yarn that Donnely spins herself. It's soft and lovely in its natural color. The kit includes the yarn, pattern, and even the pretty beads that add a nice touch to the mitts.

I hope you'll purchase our Ms. Mercy's Beaded Fingerless Mitts Kit. Donnely is a lovely lady who has a heart the size of a Cadillac and we think her design is fantastic. We hope you do, too!


Anonymous said...

OMYGOSH! you guys are way too wonderful! I am so much better off with Ms mercy in my life and all of you at Yarnmarket. What a wonderful thrill to have items available through Yarnmarket!

Ms. Mercy is enjoying her life here on the farm, cuddles next to me at night, naps by the laptop during the day, and is fantastic at pulling fiber out for me to spin.

I hope that my kits are enjoyed and treasure by those that purchase them.

thank you for having confidence in me to sell them!

Deborah Knight said...

It's the least we can do!

creativedawn said...

Donnely is an AWESOME lady! CONGRATULATION to both of you...