Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doreen didn't want a cat. But she couldn't resist the lure of the purr.

Doreen Connors of Vogue Knitting passed along to me a shot of the newest member of her household. She had no intention of owning a cat, but you know how it is: the universe conspires to place pussycats into homes where they'll be loved and pampered even if they're not formally invited.

This little kitty was lost or abandoned and would have been put down if not for Doreen and her husband (whose hearts are two sizes larger than the State Average).

Fortunately, the family dog also embraced the pussycat so she's now firmly ensconced in her new habitat.

While we so often see horrible things happening in the world, it's gratifying to be reminded that the kindness of human beings -- and animals -- is immeasurable. I thought it was something to be thankful for as we think about Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Doreen, you and your husband have done a wonderful thing for that pussycat. Give her some ear skritches and cattypats for me. And give yourselves a big hug from me!

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