Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing our newest model, Cassidy

About a week ago, Lynn (our customer service manager) showed up on my office with her very beautiful niece who thinks she might like to do some modeling. She's one of those tall, classic beauties with thick, flowing hair and and a knock 'em dead smile. I was thrilled to meet her because we're always looking for back-ups to the usual models we use.

Lately, we've been searching high and low for a very specific type. We wanted someone blond, perhaps a little elfin in appearance, who we could make up to look like a forest nymph for some interesting autumn shots. We didn't want your typical, everyday, run-of-the-mill knockout beauty...but someone who was just a little different. Beautiful, of course. But quirky. And interesting.

Well, standing behind the stunningly gorgeous Taylor was a tiny young lady who seemed a little bit different to me. She wasn't wearing much make-up and she didn't seem all that engaged in the discussion. She was just politely and quietly waiting for her friend. So imagine her surprise when I narrowed my eyes and stared right at her and asked, "How about you? You ever think of modeling?"

It was exactly what you'd expect. She looked around, confused and responded. "Me?"


A little taken aback, she shrugged and said, "Uh, sure...okay...I guess so."

The next day I asked Lynn to get me contact information for both girls. One of these days we'll need another tall, dark-haired beauty (because you can never tell when your regular one won't be available), and I knew I wanted to test a model who could pull off the look I was seeking.

It took a few days, and a quick note to Maggie Jackson of Maggie Knits, and we had our garments and a shoot set up. Michele, our fantastic photographer, and Stefanie, our in-house fashionista/hairstylist/makeup artist, agreed to shoot the lovely Cassidy at a location selected by our customer service rep/art teacher/potter, Lisa. (We're a small, multi-tasking group.)

They left this morning with loads of garments, buckets of makeup and tons of jewelry and when they came back to the office with the fruits of their labors, I was absolutely astounded.

That little Cassidy looked even more amazing than I'd imagined.

So here she is, folks...our newest Yarnmarket model. Isn't she terrific? (And be sure to keep your eye out for Taylor's debut when we've got the right garments for her.)

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