Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching up...and running away!

It's been a really busy week at Yarnmarket...and it's only Tuesday!

This morning, Jan just sent our bulletin out to Yarnmarket shoppers throughout the world. This month, she's featuring new yarns and colors from Karabella, Stitch Nation, Crystal Palace, Fleece Artist, Jil Eaton & Classic Elite. She's also presenting fantastic ideas to help you keep up with the latest fashion trends and free patterns for knitters and crocheters. If you don't receive our newsletters, be sure to sign up today!

I've been very busy finishing up ads, writing articles for KnitchMagazine, speaking with customers and getting ready to leave for Scotland. Alex and I are taking off on Thursday morning for about 9 days in the beautifully rugged highlands.

Our flights start in Columbus. We wing our way to Toronto where we'll be picking up our son-in-law, Kyle, and our granddaughter, Madison. Then we head to London for a brief stopover, and we make a quick flight to Edinburgh. We're going to be exhausted after flying all night, but when we arrive we've got to drive three hours north to Inverness to see Castle Stuart.

I can't wait to cross the Firth of Forth on our way. I know that at some point in my life, "Firth of Forth" was the answer to an important history question, but I can't remember what the question might have been. I know that William the Conqueror arrived in 1066 but I think he was in Hastings or somewhere near there...certainly not the Firth of Forth. Maybe the Picts attacked someone there...or the Vikings invaded. If anyone out there knows, drop me a line, will you?

During our trip we're hoping to visit Basil the Bunny, a poor little fellow who was rescued by a terrific animal group in Edinburgh. And we're hoping to see Lindesfarne (where I'm convinced my monk ancestors created the Lindesfarne Gospels). Our son-in-law is hoping to meet some of his Scottish relatives in Edinburgh, and Alex is hoping to meet the haggis appetizer he enjoys at The Magnum restaurant. Ick. Haggis. He actually eats it. And, to make matters worse, he claims to like it!

Madi, our granddaughter has no particular plans because she's thrilled to go anywhere at any time.

If I can, I'll write from the Festival. We're not sure about our computer access from our location there but I'll do my best to write an update. I'm hoping to see some really wonderful woolens! And, I'm hoping to bring some of those woolens home with me.

We hope all our Yarnmarket friends are having a wonderful summer! Bye...until I'm online in the home of Rod Stewart, Glass Tiger, and really good butterscotch candies!

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