Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey! We've just launched FREE new iPhone app for Knitters! Get yours today!

Have you ever been ready to buy yarn and wondered, " much should I get?"

Or have you ever looked at your stash and said, "What can I do with this?!"

If so, Yarnmarket has a FREE new solution for you. Announcing the arrival of our brand, spanking new iPhone app: The Yarn Genie

The Yarn Genie will tell you how much yarn you need according to the project you want to make, and it will also tell you what you can make when you tell it how much yarn you've got.

It gives recommendations based on the gauge of the yarn, too, so you know you'll be getting good results you can use.

The app is now free at iTunes so be sure to download it today.


Anonymous said...

Just got it!!

Anonymous said...

I am downloading it now!

Anonymous said...

does this work on the iPad or just the iPhone?

Deb at Yarnmarket said...

It's supposed to work on both. I haven't tried it on an iPad so I can't tell you my personal experience. (Sorry...I've got only an iPhone, but I'll try to find someone in the shop who has an iPad.)

Anonymous said...

Knitknitknitknit! AAgh!!! Attention Yarnmarket - other people use your yarn - we are called CROCHETERS~!!!!!

Deborah Knight said...

Yes, you're absolutely right! The Yarn Genie provides information on hooks and yarn yardage for crocheters, as well. Sorry I wasn't more clear in my original posting.