Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wow! The LA Times ran a great article about Namaste Yarns!

A while back, Adam Tschorn of the LA Times visited Namaste Farms and interviewed Natalie Redding, the shepherdess and fiber artist who not only owns it, but who cares for the animals, sheers them, then spins and dyes their wool. Adam is one heck of a writer and he put together a truly wonderful feature story about Natalie. Today it ran in the Los Angeles Times with lots of photos showing her at work.

I was very surprised to see that Adam included some bits and pieces of a telephone conversation we had about Natalie and her venture. (Thanks, Adam!) He mentioned that Yarnmarket worked collaboratively with the burgeoning yarn producer to help her launch her products, the exquisite Namaste Farms yarns, to an entirely new market.

You cannot imagine how proud we are that Natalie gave us the opportunity to help her build her business. We know how hard it is to make it in this highly competitive field, so we were delighted to be able to help someone who we knew shared our work ethic and our values. She trusted us so much that she refused to accept money from us when she sent her first shipment of yarns. And we trusted her enough to insist we pay her before we'd even made a sale.

These days when we deal so much with multi-national corporations and very big, established businesses, it feels really good to see an American shepherdess and fiber artist from the hills of California succeed with a bit of help from a bunch of yarn-peddling YarnMartians here in Pickerington, Ohio.

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