Monday, June 20, 2011

Very, very bad news for our middle kid, Laura

Alex's Father's Day card arrived today. He was a little perplexed when he read it:

Father's Day is for more than just Dads, you know.
It's for all the men who make a difference in our lives.
It's for the guys who give you advice, encouragement, and help when you need it.
It's for the kind of person you've always been to me.
I can't imagine celebrating Father's Day without thinking of you.

He showed it to me, wondering what on earth it meant. I told him.

He just telephoned Laura to give her the terrible news.

"Laura, I am your REAL father."


Pam MacKenzie said...

How come you start out with "Alex" and end up with "Laura?" I must be missing something.

Deborah Knight said...

Laura, our daughter, sent her father, Alex, a Father's Day card that was not intended for a REAL father. It was intended for perhaps a step-father or mentor. So her father, Alex, had to inform her that he is in fact her REAL father. IS confusing, isn't it?


Sara said...

I laughed! I actually heard the last line in a Darth Vadar voice.