Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Win a Rowan Gift Package worth over $150

Every month Yarnmarket creates a special newsletter that highlights one of our partners. This month we turn the Spotlight on Rowan, the yarn company that is known for their classic but contemporary designs with British appeal.

This issue features a great article about Stephen Sheard, founder of the company, and presents several renowned designers who got their start there. Additionally, we have a contest you can enter to win a Rowan prize package that includes three Rowan books, Crystal Palace knitting needles, and some new Rowan yarn.

Be sure to read Yarnmarket's Spotlight on Rowan...and don't forget to enter our contest!


lincannon said...

I want to enter the contest but it doesn't want to let me.

Joanne Conklin said...

I've been a huge fan of Rowan since the beginning. One day, I'd love to go to England and visit in person. If I had to choose just one yarn, it would be from the Rowan line. I wish they'd bring back some of their old ones, e.g. Silk Stones.

I'm currently knitting an aran sweater using "purelife British Sheep Breeds DK Undyed" in a natural cream color. Beautiful yarn.

Deborah Knight said...

Hi, Lin. Send your answer directly to me at deborah at yarnmarket dot com and I'll be sure to put you into the contest.

Christine said...

I hope this is the place to enter the contest! with such a wonderful prize, I don't want to miss out on the goodies.

Very nice article and good to read about the founder of this wonderful yarn.

Deborah Knight said...

Hi, Christine. Send a note to Rowan at yarnmarket dot com and you'll be entered into our contest.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the article!

Ninja Ryder said...

That is an amazing photo. I'm trying to count the colors in the scarf/wrap. Hmmm.