Monday, October 4, 2010

New Autumn Patterns and Yarns from our friends at Rowan!

At Yarnmarket, we all love the Rowan yarns and patterns even though we have very different styles. Jan appreciates the classics. Stef goes for the avante garde and I'm somewhere in between. It's a real tribute to the Rowan designers that they manage to keep each of us happy!

And they do the same thing with their yarns. Jan goes for the real wool fibers. Stef is partial to anything eco so she likes the Purelife yarns. And I guess I really like both. One minute I'll be knitting with bamboo and the next minute with a really nice chunky tweed.

When I received the new autumn books from Rowan I have to say that I was absolutely knocked out with the Russian doll series in Rowan Magazine 48. Is that because I'm married to a Russian, or is it because I admire the classics that Jan loves, but I lust after the au courant styles that Stefanie adores? I'm not sure. But I didn't hesitate to use the pretty Valentina pattern in some Yarnmarket print ads this season because I want everyone to see the Rowan creations. This gorgeous garment is created entirely in Kid Classic, so imagine how soft and warm it will be.

I've been ooohing and aaaahing over the new Rowan yarns that have been introduced this season. Silk Twist is luxurious blend of silk, mohair and wool/nylon that has tone-on-tone marled colors.

Purelife Renew is a wise combination of recycled wool, silk and nylon that is great for pullovers, cardigans and jackets.

Drift is terrific classic tweed in super chunky 100% merino wool.

Purlife British Sheep Breeds Boucle is a naturally soft yarn, super chunky in winter white. That's because it's 100% British undyed wool from the Blue Face Leicester Sheep. It would be great in cozy sweaters.

We've got all the new fibers and colors for autumn in stock at Yarnmarket, so be sure to have a look. I'm sure you'll find a Rowan book or pattern with something beautiful you'll want to create for the season.

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