Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look! My son-in-law the geek.

Some of you may remember that Alex and I went up to Canada last month for the wedding of our youngest daughter. It was a great wedding and everything went off smooth as silk. Alex danced beautifully with the bride (after taking dance lessons with Fred Astaire Dance Studio), he gave a brilliant speech (that I wrote and he edited) and then everything turned into a big blur because the step-mother-of-the-bride had that second glass of wine.

Deidre married a terrific young guy named Matt who told us he works for a company called Eloqua. I'm not sure what Eloqua does, but I do know that whatever it is, it'll increase my leads by 31% and get me an average click-through rate of 7.3%. WOW!!!

How do I know this? They send me nice emails telling me.

Anyway, I forwarded today's email to Matt who is in San Francisco at a conference. He sent back a note telling me that they just finished launching their new product. He gave me a link to their web site and, whaddya know, there's Matt in the video.

The kid really does have a job!

As his wicked-step-mother-in-law, I'm pretty proud to see Matt sharing the stage with some guy in a suit. Probably some guy who could affect his career. Maybe the guy who could give him a big promotion. In which case, I must re-write that sentence so it reads: I'm pretty proud to see Matt sharing the stage with a brilliant man whose vision, passion for excellence, and unparalleled understanding of information technology and consumer behaviour have made Eloqua the successful and growing company it is today.

Whatever the heck it is.

You can see Matt on the stage at :045.

Hey! Matt's in their "How We Did It" video, too!

Boy, I'll bet that if I knew what he was talking about, I'd be really impressed.


Ninja Ryder said...

Didn't Eloqua used to be called something else? Something easier to spell but (obviously) not as easy to remember? I can't think of it right now....

Good job Matt!!

Deborah Knight said...

I'm not certain what it was called before Matt got there. I'll have to ask him. Maybe it had one of those interesting names that high tech companies had in the 90s...like Laser Frog or Dog Rocket or Toasted Tuna Blizzard.