Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who is this guy? Hey, it's Trace Adkins! (Whoever he is.)

I was just looking for a file when I discovered this photograph stored on our YarnMartian World Headquarters computer network. Now, I know the very happy pretty lady is Lynn, our magnificent Queen of Customer Service (Hail, Lynn, Queen of Customer Service!). But I haven't got a clue who that guy is.

I know he's someone famous...and he's someone Lynn likes very, very much...and he's a country singer. But if he slapped me in the face with a live halibut, I still wouldn't know who the heck he is. That's how much I know about country music.

Now, if this guy were someone like David Bowie, I'd recognize him immediately. I'd say, "Hey! What the heck is Lynn doing with MY guy?!" and then she'd have some 'splainin' to do.

Or maybe if this guy were with The Killers, Snow Patrol, or The Fray I'd say, "Hey, I think I've seen you somewhere before. Can you sing something for me?"

But, I'm afraid that whoever this really famous, talented guy is...well, I'm the one person in the world he'd want to have on his jury. (Not that he's done anything illegal. But if he did, I'd be the perfect jury candidate because I have no preconceptions except that maybe he's a nice guy because Lynn probably wouldn't like a rat.)

The first person who sends me an email to tell me who this guy is will get a $25 Yarnmarket Gift Certificate.

And, no,'re disqualified. YarnMartians can't enter our own contests.

YarnMartian UPDATE -- I received a letter last night from Allison Haas in Alaska. She said this guy's name is Trace Adkins. I'm not sure I believe her, but what the heck? I'll send her the Gift Certificate anyway. But warning to Allison: If this turns out to be Billy Bob Becker, the guy who fixes mufflers at the local garage, I want my $25 back.

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