Friday, July 3, 2009

Louet Euroflax is now at Yarnmarket

Jan has added another terrific Louet yarn and some great new patterns...just in time for your July 4th weekend shopping!

For centuries, flax has been the fiber of choice for warmer-weather garments because it's light and breathable. Louet's Euroflax Sport yarn is spun in Belgium from 100% linen flax so it will actually soften and become more durable with machine washing and wear. Best of all, items knitted or crocheted from Euroflax Sport will continue to look like new in years to come. They're great for travel because you can just roll them up and toss them into a suitcase without worrying about wrinkles.

Our price for 100 grams of Louet Euroflax is just $23.80.

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