Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wacky Baby Knits patterns are wacky fun!

Maybe it's just me...but I'm not really crazy about the typical baby knitwear that's so sweet and precious it gives you a sugar buzz. I dressed my grand-daughter like a Holstein and I'd laugh so hard every time I looked at her that I'd almost bust a gut. The photo of me with my Cow-girl still makes me grin like a fool. I love it even if Madison does occasionally refer to me as her "amazing, insane Grandma."

When the new book, Wacky Baby Knits, arrived I fell in love with the quirky collection of projects that range from the off-the-wall to the truly bizarre. I mean, how many Moms and Grandmas can resist a biker outfit with wings?

If you'd like to knit something unique and unusual for a baby you know and love, check out the funtastic patterns with themes like:
• Elvis, mohawk, and cupcake hats
• Monster booties
• Furry bear feet with matching mittens
• Robot suit and hat

Really...you've gotta love this stuff. It's just not your usual cutesie pie baby wear. It's baby wear that'll make you laugh...even while you're wiping drool and cleaning up poop!

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