Friday, July 3, 2009

Emily's Stich 'n Pitch Scarf

A couple of weeks ago, when the TNNA was being held in Columbus, we were asked to provide a nice red scarf for the Columbus Clippers mascot. The mascot was going to wear it during the Stitch 'n Pitch Event being held at our local baseball stadium.

Well, the request had come pretty late in the game, so I wasn't sure we could actually do it. But Emily came to the rescue.

Armed with a couple of skeins of bright red Caledon Hills yarn, she knitted feverishly to have an enormous scarf completed in time for the big event. Not only that, she even found time to enhance the scarf with some pretty gold buttons.

In this shot, you can see Emily at the stadium with two mascots, a crowd of ladies armed with knitting needles, and her very, very long scarf that was a big hit with the Clipper crowd.

Many thanks to Emily for all her work! (If you want Emily's autograph, order some yarn. She's one of our wonderful pickers and packers who signs, "Thank you" on every order she completes.)

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