Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September Newsletter

Jan has released another one of her terrific newsletters. This one's got a lot of great information about autumn fashions and new yarns -- and lots about the big chunky knit designs that are going to be very popular this winter. If you don't receive the newsletter, be sure to subscribe to it the next time you go onto the site.

Alex and I love to guess which of Jan's items will get the most click-throughs. When I spoke to him a few minutes ago he asked, "Which one do you think is getting the most attention?" Duh! I know what I'd click first -- the story with the photo of the pussycat! Sure enough, that's the one. Our readers are also really enthusiastic about the gorgeous Tundra Capelet.

Jan also mentions in her newsletter the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and Supersock Limited Edition yarns. These are doing really well, especially the Impressionist Collection colors. I made the sock in the newsletter (the color is Paris Rain) and the yarn was wonderful to work with.

Be sure to get your copy of the newsletter and bulletins each month. They're great for keeping on top of all the new yarns that the YarnMartian yarn buyers have bought.

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