Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jared's New Pussycat

If you've ever searched for Yarnmarket or any of our yarns on Google, you've appreciated the work of Jared, our Search Engine Optimization Guy. Jared's really sweet and smart and hard-working. I love Jared. But if he ever does anything wrong and screws up our Google words, I'm going to tell his Grandma.

I first met Jared when he was about eight years old and played in the forest in my backyard with his cousin(who's equally cute and available) Chris. Chris and all his pals went away to college and I forgot that they grew up...until one day about a year ago when Jared appeared at a party next door, sitting all alone and looking like that last thing he'd want is for some middle-aged lady to annoy him.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself, "Look at that cute young guy sitting there all alone. I think I'll go over an annoy him."

Now, if you've read my posts you know that:
a. I'm old
b. I have no memory
c. I'm doing cartwheels on the fine line between eccentric and certifiable.

I plopped myself down next to the handsome, lonely young guy and said, "Hi. Who are you?"

Now, the last time I asked what handsome young man I'd been talking to at a party next door, the hostess, Carol, exclaimed, "Deb, I don't believe you. That was Andy Groom. You've known him since he was a boy!" Andy married Janna, Jared's big sister.

(If you're from Ohio, you know who Andy Groom is. But my memory is so bad that I can watch a kid grow up, cheer him as he becomes a star on the Ohio State football team, hold his hand in a prayer circle before we eat and then say, "Who was that?")
This is a picture of Andy with some other guy. Andy's the one on the right. I'll have to ask Carol who the other guy is.

Anyway, back to Jared, Andy Groom's brother-in-law and Chris' cousin. Jared grew up, graduated college and became a Search Engine Optimization Geek. When we needed a part-time Geek, we hired him...and he's been working for us for about a year now.

Jared recently announced that he'd become the father of a brand new pussycat. (Note to Jared: A study conducted a few years ago asked women what they found sexy in a man. One of the the top responses was, "He owns a cat.") Jared got his new pussycat just a few weeks ago, and I can tell by these photos that he's already spoiling him...or her. I forgot to ask.

This is odd because I ask Jared all sorts of things. He should have learned a long time ago that he should never end his e-mails to me with the words, "If you have any other questions, please let me know." There's no end to the questions I have -- about life, the universe, and what would happen if humans were magnetic -- and poor little Jared has learned that sometimes you just don't want to know what other people are wondering about.

Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy these shots of Jared's new pussycat. I'd give you a shot of Jared but I don't have one and he's really, really shy so I won't ask for one.

You know, if I were single and 30 years younger, I'll bet any money that Jared would have a restraining order against me.

Congrats on being a new father, Jared!

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