Thursday, September 1, 2011's easy for Maggie Jackson!

You know, when you ask a designer about any of her patterns, the immediate response is, "Oh! It's simple!"

It doesn't matter who you ask -- Nicky Epstein, Iris Schrier, Maggie Jackson. They all say the same thing. This is because they're the best in the industry and, to them, nothing is difficult.

As you know, I love Maggie Jackson's MaggiKnits kits and patterns. They can transform an extraordinarily dull person (me) into someone who looks like they might have a bit of style (everyone else on the planet).

A couple of weeks ago, when Alex and I were getting ready for our flight to Scotland, I decided the plane trip would be the ideal time to begin my MaggiKnits Trellis Tweed Scarf.

Alex was kind enough to be my yarn swift in the airport, much to the amusement of a little girl who had never seen anyone wind a ball of wool, and by the time we got onto our flight I was casting on.

Now, I'm happy to report that the pattern isn't at all as difficult as anyone would imagine. I'm sure it's relatively straightforward for a normal knitter. But I don't happen to be a normal knitter. I'm left-handed and have a heck of a time sorting out what's supposed to be right side or wrong side to a right-handed knitter. And, worst of all, I've become ambidextrous so if I've got to do a stocking stitch, I knit a row one way, and then knit a row the other way -- switching from left-handed to right-handed. But I'm not sure which one is which. (If I'm moving the stitches to the left needle, am I knitting left-handed or right-handed? I really don't know anymore.)

When you combine my goofy knitting method with my tiredness on the plane...well, so what if I was supposed to change yarns at a particular but forgot to do it? Maggie says anything goes!

Today when I brought my uncompleted project into the office, the ladies agreed that it really didn't matter. The piece looks terrific even if the part that's supposed to be in Linen is in Tweed. I'll make up for it later in the piece, I guess.

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with my MaggiKnits kit and I just know that when I complete it and put it on, I'm going to look just like the pretty little blonde who's wearing it in the photo!


Anonymous said...

You go girl :)
Maggiknits is a fun knit . . Always something interesting and fun around the corner.

Talk soon

Deborah Knight said...

Maggie, herself, is a fun gal, too! I think if she and I were ever left alone together for a long time, we'd change the course of civilization...and I'm not sure civilization would like it!