Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Block n Roll from The BagSmith is perfect for my MaggiKnits project!

I was sitting around the office minding my own business when Alex yelled out, "Hey, call Becca!" Being the very obedient wife I am, I did. Well, not really because I'm obedient -- because I only pretend to be obedient while I do exactly what I want to do (just like every other wife I know). But I wanted to call Becca because I really like her a lot...and I sure do wish I had that great pair of eyeglasses she bought for herself in Paris.

Anyway, Becca said she'll be in LA for the VK Live Event which is great because I'll have a chance to stop by her booth to say hi, and then she reminded me about her newest product The Block n Roll.

Now, if you're like me and you've been using your living room floor as a blocking surface, you're in for a big treat. (The answer is yes...I have been known to melt carpet with my iron. If you've done the same you MUST read on.)

The Block n Roll is a terrific new blocking tool that has a huge, soft, Teflon-coated surface that rolls up when you aren't using it. Isn't that great? You can stuff it anywhere out of sight.

But when you are using it, it's got grid lines to help you ensure your project is straight and a terrific surface for steaming or ironing.

Whether you're a knitter or a crocheter or a quilter or scrap-booker, you're going to really love this handy tool. I know that it's going to make a heck of a difference when I block my beautiful new MaggiKnits Trellis Tweed Scarf!

I think you ought to get one of these right away from Yarnmarket. Sure, I could recommend you buy it someplace else, but that's the one thing Alex tells me never to do...and I obey him just because he's the boss.

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