Thursday, September 16, 2010

See CAT at the NY Stitch 'n Pitch...and watch a world's record being made.

In this episode of Let's Knit2Gether, CAT attends the annual Stitch 'n Pitch in New York where we see crocheters go for the world's record. It looks like they did it! They wanted to have the most people ever crocheting simultaneously.

Take a look at this video and see an event that you might want to participate in next year.

When CAT mentioned she had to get a lot of approvals from Major League Baseball before posting this episode I couldn't help but chuckle. She says it took her a very long time to get through all the red tape.

My son-in-law, Mike, is an Executive Producer for MLB. Do you think that maybe -- just maybe -- he's going to be getting a call from me? (Mike, you might not want to answer your phone for a few days. But I still love you.)

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