Friday, June 4, 2010

This bird needs your help. Please support Dawn Detergent's efforts to save our wildlife. Now.

Yeah, I know...this is pretty depressing stuff. When I look at this bird, I'm torn between crying, vomiting and becoming enraged.

This is not the time to point fingers or make political statements. It's time to do something to help these poor, suffering animals, and clean up the mess. We can bitch about human issues later and spend the next dozen years participating in a Blamefest.

But right now...please, please visit the web site for Dawn Dish Detergent and register to help save wildlife. It costs you nothing. You just enter the serial number of the Dawn Detergent that's probably sitting under your sink right now. For every serial number entered, Dawn will give another dollar toward saving wildlife.

Do the right thing. If we have any purpose on the planet, surely it must be to take care of the animals that populate it.


Kathy said...

Thank you Deb for reminding people to help Dawn help these poor defenseless creatures. Our hearts are breaking over their plight, and we can only hope those that can be rescued will survive, and those that cannot will not suffer long, nor in vain. Those stark, iconic pictures should remind everyone that we MUST safeguard the helpless animals that are this planet's true, irreplaceable treasures.

Deborah said...

Kathy, I'm beside myself because I don't know what more I can do to help these animals. I read that they've got the volunteers they need to help right now, but the minute they say they need more, I'll be telling Alex I need to get down there.

I don't know how anyone could look at those photographs and not be heartbroken.

Laurie said...

Thank you for posting this, Deborah. I just donated and will be encouraging everyone I know to do the same. My heart is broken, and it's nice to feel like I can do something...

Deborah Knight said...

Laurie, I can't bear to watch the news at night when they show those poor animals. I did notice, though, in one of last night's clips that they were using bottles of Dawn detergent on the pelicans!

Thank you so much for helping the animals...and for spreading the word.