Thursday, May 20, 2010

CD101, Columbus' Alternative Rock, is here at Yarnmarket

That Stef...she's so clever. She signed us up for the local alternative radio station's Ice Cream Van. And I just heard it pull up into our parking lot. And you know what that means?

Yes, the diet I started on this morning is now officially over. I mean, there's ICE CREAM OUTSIDE! It's waiting in the van...and it has my name on it.

If you aren't familiar with CD101, or you're out of our area, you might want to listen to it online at I've been a listener since the first night they went on air. It was a fluke that Alex and I were going up and down the radio band when we discovered a station playing the alternative rock we like.

Yes. We may be geezers, but we're music-loving geezers.

Alex frightens me by listening to Scissor Sisters, the Pogues and Arcade Fire. I like The Fray, Doves, Muse, Temper Trap and The Killers.

I suspect we both like Toad the Wet Sprocket. Are they still around?

Michele will take photos of our friends from CD101 and I'll post 'em. Well...after I've gorged myself on ice cream. The photo is up. That's Stef with Tara from CD101.

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