Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wake me up AFTER Valentine's Day

Okay...maybe I'm just getting old and crabby, but I'm getting to the point where I want to turn off my TV and hibernate until Valentine's Day is over. Why? Because I cannot stand those stupid, juvenile commercials for pajamas and teddy bears.

You've seen them. Some simpering idiot is talking about getting his wife or girlfriend a teddy bear or some dorky looking pajamas with a hood and feet in them -- because he'll get a reward afterward. Oh, gag me!

I've got to admit the stupid teddy bear ad is better this year than last. Remember those? The girls in the office are saying, "Oh, I just want to touch it," and other moronic utterances while the guys who can't see them are imagining exactly what it is they want to touch.

I would have fired the ad agency the minute they held up their storyboard outlining that idiotic scenario. But, lo...there's an old advertising adage: A client gets the advertising he deserves.

Locally, one of our more popular spas runs the same sort of drivel on the radio. "Give her what she wants and she'll give you what you want."

In my case, I want a good grout cleaner and my beloved would really like a ham and brie sandwich like the one he had on Rue Cler.

I don't need a dumb teddy bear or a pair of pajamas to find him attractive. And the concept of "giving him what he wants" because he's given me what I want smacks of prostitution. Why not just write out a check for $49.95 and hand it to your beloved in exchange for her favors?

Ah, well...I'm an old fogey whose idea of romance is not trading my affection for something delivered by a UPS guy...even if it is our beloved Marlon who we all adore.

I'm sure there's someone out there who thinks those ads are cute. But that kid ought to be in bed because he's got to be up at 6:00 a.m. for his school bus.


Sasha said...

Hallelujah. Though I think my husband would want some Kona

bloberry said...

I find the whole thing absolutely disgusting.

I'm hoping my husband won't watch these commercials and think he has to do these things. YUCK! Even though we've been married only 9 months, I'm sure he knows me better than that.

Almost as bad as all the Christmas hype, isn't it?

~Cousin Jan

Deborah Knight said...

Hi, Cousin Jan! I guess that shared DNA of ours really did create some similarities.

9 months?! Congratulations. You're practically a newlywed.

Alex and I have been married 28 years. This is because he never handed me a teddy bear and then expected me to earn it! (I think his idea of me "earning it" would be shoveling the driveway.)

Elisha said...

OMG I couldn't agree with your post more!

My fiancé and I have been together for nine years, and that whole notion of 'getting lucky' or 'give me this and I'll give you that' has always been disgusting to us.

He hates cheese, but some fresh picked tomato, peppered well, would be perfect for his toasted sandwich! ^-^

For our first Valentine's together, I gave him Puk, the girl-cat you've got many pictures of thanks to the yarn contest. ^-^