Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

We're really excited about the Olympics and are wishing we could send the snow that just dropped on Ohio up to my niece in Vancouver so she could take it over to Whistler. Looks like they could use it.

I have to share with you one of my family's big events that occurred a few weeks ago. My cousin, MaryAnne Morin, has been a runner for many years. This is what keeps her looking so much better than the rest of us! Yes, I'm envious. But I'm too tired/lazy/unmotivated/old (select one) to go out in the cold and do what she does. I really admire her dedication.

It was a great honor for MaryAnne to be chosen to carry the Olympic torch as it made its way across Canada. We all watched our computer monitors with excited anticipation as the event was presented in streaming video. My Mom had signed up for high-speed access in her home north of Toronto just so she could watch it. My Aunt Peggy, Uncle Mike and cousin Pauline were online in Thunder Bay. My cousin Mark, in Ottawa, my brother in Toronto and I in Columbus, were all online excitedly anticipating MaryAnne's run. We were so excited it was embarrassing! And, just our luck, the very bad weather that occurred just before she started to run prevented us from actually seeing her. It's probably a good thing. I would have cried to see my cousin with the torch.

When the event was over, her husband quickly posted to Facebook some photos of her...and I've grabbed them to share with you.

When MaryAnne finished her run, she went with torch in hand to visit the folks at the nursing home where her father lives. I thought it was awfully nice of her to share her moment of glory with the elderly folks who were so delighted to see the torch and MaryAnne in her Olympic outfit.

We're all very proud of MaryAnne. I'm not absolutely sure, but I strongly suspect that she's the only one in our family to ever run with the Olympic torch -- in the past two millennia.

PS -- Alex just added that MaryAnne is the only person in the family to run without being chased by a policeman.

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bloberry said...

Go Mary Anne!!

This is just so cool.

Running...and no policeman chasing you! :-)

This is your Mom's cousin, Jan, in Michigan. I'll make sure that the rest of the family here knows, too!