Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lori creates a gorgeous sweater with Fabulous Felines yarn

Lori, who entered her beautiful pussycat Fidgesaurus Rex, into our Fabulous Felines yarn naming contest is not only the owner of a prize-winning pussycat, she's also an extremely talented knitter.

Using her luxurious Fidgesaurus yarn, a sumptuous yarn hand-dyed by Iris Schreier, she created this gorgeous zip-front, hooded sweater.

She tells us that she loves the sweater, and that the yarn is warm and soft. It sure does look cozy, doesn't it? But I can see by all the greenery in the background that Lori's lucky enough not to be enduring the winter storms that have hit us here in Ohio!

I love the way the variegations in the yarn show off the beautiful cable-work Lori has done. The shape is really flattering, too.

Here's something funny: this yarn is the same color as her cat. So when she's holding Fidgesaurus he'll be camouflaged! (And if he leaves a little of his fur behind, who'll know?)

Lori tells us that she used Ysolda Teague's "Vivian" pattern for this yarn. She did a few modifications to the sleeves and hood, to change the shape of the hood and to lengthen the sleeves.

Lori has also developed a pattern for a kitty condo cover which she's been kind enough to share with us. We'll be making it available for free in the upcoming issue of KnitchMagazine, so be sure to subscribe so you can get this and other free patterns along with fashion news for knitters.

Many thanks to Lori for sharing her Fabulous Felines creation with us.

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