Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's Knit2Gether in Alaska

CAT just launched her most recent episode of Let's Knit2Gether in which she shows oodles of gorgeous qiviut that she saw while visiting Alaska. Is she tempted? You bet she is!

You'll enjoy watching her visit shops in Alaska and meet up with the Fairbanks Fibernistas who get together for knitting and chatter and -- yes -- tattoo comparisons.

Be sure to watch right to the end because you'll see some great shots of Yarnmarket (and some lousy shots of me) that CAT took during her recent visit to Yarnmarket Global Headquarters.

My favorite photo is the one of Brenda. You know Brenda...the Yarnmartian who isn't a grandmother yet.

And that reminds me. Today is the due date for Josh's first baby. I've yet to hear anything from him or from future Grandma, Casey.

We hope you're enjoying the Let's Knit2Gether shows that we're sponsoring. We're really delighted to be working with CAT on her wonderful educational videos.

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