Thursday, November 19, 2009

Casting Call for Pussycats! New yarn line could feature YOUR pussycat's puss!

Hannibal's excited about our brand new contest and he wants to tell everyone about it!

Yarnmarket is delighted to announce that we're launching an entirely new line of yarns based on the colors of our feline friends. Fabulous Felines TM features gorgeous bulky 100% wool yarn hand-dyed by the color expert, Iris Schreier of Artyarns.

Before we launch the line, we need to give each yarn color a name. And we'd especially like to name them after our knitters' cats. If your cat wins, its photo will be on the label for the yarn, and the color will be named after it.

If your cat is chosen, you'll win immortality for your cat and a free skein of yarn that matches it! Imagine your pussycat immortalized in yarn!

To begin with we're launching seven colors:
- Abyssinian
- Chocolate
- Red Mackerel Tabby
- Seal Point (very dark points)
- Blue Mackerel Tabby
- Blue Point
- Brown Classic Tabby
- Cream

We will also be doing more colors -- including tabbies and torties and torbies -- so please send them along, too! We'll collect them so they'll be entered for the next round of yarn names.

We've already named the yarn, featured below, after my father's pussycat, Baby. This color is called "Baby Blue." Yeah, I know...that's almost cheating. And to make matters worse, we'll be launching my step-father's cat's yarn (also named Baby, oddly enough) as soon as it's ready.

But all the other yarn colors are up for grabs. To begin with, we're looking for photos of cats that match the colors in the list, above. If you want to check to see what these colors are, I suggest you visit the What Color is My Cat? page to see all the varieties.

Winners will be chosen based on looks, personality, and color. Entries that include a short blurb about the pussycat will likely make us fall in love with the cat and want it to win.


PLEASE INDICATE WHAT COLOR YOUR CAT IS IN THE SUBJECT LINE...just to help me sort through the gazillions of cat shots I'll be getting.

I can't wait to see your pussycats! Give 'em some pats for me! And don't forget to check out the Fabulous Felines line of yarn when it debuts next month at Yarnmarket.


Hilary said...

What a fun idea!

Kat said...

BEAUTIFUL! Expect to see my pretty girl in your inbox!

Deborah Knight said...

I'll keep my eye out for her!

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Anonymous said...

I submitted my beauty queen! Thanks! :0