Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Yarnmarket

Yarnmarket will be closed on Thursday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. But we'll be back at work on Friday to help you with your holiday season orders.

This year, we'd like to say thanks to all our shoppers for their continued support and for giving us the opportunity to deliver knitting joy to their front door -- wherever they may be. We are truly grateful that you have chosen us, and we thank you for helping us become one of the largest yarn stores in America. We are so proud to know that we're helping you create hand-made treasures that are so much more caring than what is being mass produced.

We'd like to thank our vendors for helping us maintain our inventory of over 700 yarns, and for working with us to ensure we offer our customers an exceptional variety of fashionable products. Some of you, like Berroco, Westminster, Knitting Fever, and Crystal Palace, have been with us since the beginning when they weren't quite sure that an online yarn store would meet with public acceptance.

We are thankful to the media who have shown us support, and especially to Penelope Taylor of Knit 'n Style, who so generously offers us her insight, encouragement and advice.

We're thankful to artists like Iris Schreier who has worked so hard to help us launch our new Abbey Collection yarns, to designers like Sharon Sorken and Sue Kawamoto who have created original patterns for our customers, and to talented knitters like Jennifer Penney who has amazed us with her abilities, speed and positive attitude.

We are also thankful to all those wonderfully creative freelancers -- like Andy, Jared, Kirk and Amanda -- who help us design and maintain our web sites, optimize our search engine results, and pull together our ads...always at the very last minute. (We are so excited that our amazing Amanda is expecting her very first baby.)

We thank Marlin, our UPS guy, whose happy smile is so treasured each evening at 6:00 p.m. when he comes to pick up our daily shipments.

We thank our neighbors across the parking lot at D & F Distributors for lending us their forklift when we have more boxes than mucles.

Finally, Alex, Steve, Ted and I would like to thank all the YarnMartians who care so much about our little company, and who work so hard to help us everyday. Without you there wouldn't be an us...and we hope you know how much we appreciate the positive attitude and extraordinary efforts of each and every one of you.

You are what has made America great.

To end, I'd like to share with you the biggest difference we've witnessed between Canadian and American Thanksgiving. No, it's not simply that the Canadian Thanksgiving is one month earlier. It's the fact that, in Canada, our turkeys deliver themselves right to our kitchen door.

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