Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Happening at Yarnmarket

Boy, you'd think that things would slow down during the spring but we're busier than ever! Lori has tons of boxes of new yarns to unpack so that Jan can get them online for our shoppers.

That means that Pat and Susan are scanning their hearts out so you can see all the new yarn colors online.

Jenny, Michele and I are delighted that we got KnitchMagazine.com up, loaded with lots of new spring articles. Now we're working on summer updates and the autumn edition.

And Stef is banging away at the computer, adding lots of new projects. If you haven't taken a look at it, the Projects area is a really quick way to buy everything you need. Stef pulls together all the supplies needed for -- say, a gorgeous Artyarns Impressionist Collection scarf -- and then all you need to do is click once and all the items are put into your shopping basket.

Of course, if you've already got some of the items, you can un-click them. (Sheesh! Is that even a word -- UNCLICK? You have to click to un-click it, so it doesn't really make sense, does it?)

Anyway, we've got over 2500 projects online -- many thanks to Stef who's really worked hard to add them -- and a lot of knitters find them very helpful.

Our pickers and packers (bless them!) are all very busy because we've got lots of orders to go out every evening. Not only are they kept running with all the Yarnmarket orders, they also have to trek across the lot to our Western Headquarters - BargainYARNS -- where we put all our sale items.

Tina and Brenda are busy making sure the packages are all labeled and ready to go when Marlin arrives in his UPS truck to get them. And that brings me to --


Yes, ladies...we all look forward to the spring when Marlon dons his brown UPS shorts and his legs come out of winter hibernation. I'm thinking of holding a special Yarnmarket event to celebrate the occasion.

So that's what's happening.

Oh, one more thing. Remember Josh? He's now happily working at Battelle after getting his marketing legs at Yarnmarket (sorry, I couldn't resist) and we've received news that his wife, Shelley, is expecting. And what's even better is that they're expecting a baby! Woohoo! We haven't had any babies at Yarnmarket...though we're hoping that Brenda gets a grand-baby one of these days. She wants one so badly that I'm thinking of having one for her.

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