Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alchemy has arrived at Yarnmarket!

We're really excited about the addition of Alchemy Yarns. For years, we've lusted after their gorgeous fibers and colors, and we're elated to finally be able to offer them to our customers.

Alchemy Yarns of Transformation are truly luxurious hand-painted and dyed yarns for knitting, crocheting and weaving. The colors are positively glorious -- they look particularly stunning in the patterns designed by the company's owner, Gina Wilde. We're now also offering wonderful Alchemy books and patterns, too!

The lines we've just added online are Silken Straw, Silk Purse and Haiku.

Alchemy Silken Straw is a pure silk ribbon that has a wondrous sheen and the fabulous color blends Alchemy Yarns are known for. We've got both Colorways and Elements and they're absolutely fabulous. This is a DK-weight that magically softens as you work with it and is even softer yet after the completed projects are worn and washed.

Alchemy Silk Purse is 100% slubbed silk with Colorways and Elements versions (representing earth, air, water, fire and metal). This brilliantly colored yarn has great texture, and it's super soft with a superb sheen. We recommend it for scarves, shawls, tops, sweaters & more.

Alchemy Haiku Colorways and Elements are superbly crafted of 60% mohair & 40% silk. The brushed mohair fiber blend has beautiful shimmer from the silk and terrific loft from the mohair. This yarn is a great choice for projects that are sumptuously soft against the skin.

Be sure to check out all our new Alchemy yarns. We're really excited to be adding them to our roster and we hope you enjoy knitting with these wonderful creations by Gena Wilde.

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