Monday, January 7, 2008

Josh's Big Adventure

This is Josh -- our wonderful marketing guy -- with his wife, Shelley. (Isn't she lovely?) Some of you have called Yarnmarket and have had the pleasure of speaking with Josh. He's really helpful and we adore him...even if he won't admit to his friends that he works at a yarn shop.

Josh has been with us for several months now and has been instrumental in getting all the great bargains up on BargainYARNS. Whenever you see a really good deal there, that's Josh's doing.

Josh also helps with our advertising. He makes sure we get our ads out to all the magazines and web sites so that everyone will know how fabulously fashionable, fast and friendly we are. ;) And, following in the footsteps of his mother-in-law, Casey, he's becoming our trade show guru. He's put together a really nice booth for us at TNNA. So if you're there and you happen to see us, be sure to think, "Hey, way to go Josh!"

Tomorrow, Josh is leaving us. Well, not for good. He and Shelley, are going to visit her parents in Dubai. Her mom and step-dad, Scott, relocated there recently for business and are having a wonderful adventure settling down in an entirely new culture. (I know what an adventure it is to settle down in an entirely new culture. When I moved to the United States and didn't know where to go to get a driver's license I said, "Boy, this is an adventure!" Actually, I didn't say that at all. I said something like, "What on earth do you people call your Ministry of Transport?!" and everyone looked at me like I was a loon because they didn't know what a Ministry of Transport was or why anyone would want one.)

Anyway, Josh will be flying out tomorrow, landing in Paris for a few hours, and then heading to Dubai where, we're certain, he'll be visiting every yarn shop he can find.

We're wishing Josh and Shelley a really nice trip. Say hi to Casey and Scott for us. And don't forget to bring us back some really interesting yarn as a souvenir!

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Joshua said...

We are back from Dubai. It is a truely beautiful country, but we somehow chose the rainiest week of the year to visit a country that is essentially desert. I also kept an eye out for any yarn shops when I got drug to the many malls in Dubai, but I didn't notice any. Although all of their shopping malls seem to stretch on forever and I'm sure I missed something.