Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Grim Sheeper

You know…to look at Jill, you’d say, “What a sweet little Grandma.” But lurking beneath that angelic Grandma smile is a sick and twisted mind. The kind of mind we like.

Last October, I was sitting in my office when Alex came in and signaled me to follow. He does this a lot. And when I say, “Where are we going?” he never answers. Does your husband do this to you? I think it’s grounds for divorce in seven states, and contributes to justifiable homicide in three.

Anyway, I obediently followed him to the offices where Jill, Jan, Susie and Sharon work. When I walked into the area, I saw it.

Frankensheep. Or, as Jill called him, "The Grim Sheeper."

Jill had taken our sweet little corporate sheep and turned it into a monster. There it stood on its haunches, ready to attack anyone who dared enter Yarnmarket.

This is why we love Jill. She makes award-winning fudge, a great pasta salad, and has a fiendishly clever sense of humor. If you’re near Yarnmarket, you might want to stop by just to see what terrible things Jill has done to our sheep.

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