Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yarnmarket's Bulletin features 20% off all Prism and Bernat yarns!

Jan sent out another bulletin this morning and we're getting lots of response to our 20% off Prism sale. If you've never treated yourself to these wonderful yarns, now is the time to do so.

I used Prism shortly after I started knitting because I didn't have to use any clever stitchery to create a masterpiece. Just about everyone I knew received a gorgeous Prism yarn scarf for Christmas that year. When one of my friends lost hers, she insisted I create another because she loved it so much. (I suspect she didn't so much "lose it" as have it "borrowed without permission.")

What I love about the Prism Stuff yarns in particular is that you knit them really quickly because you can't wait to see what the next yarn is like! (Stuff is made of several complementary yarns tied together.) I think every knitter should give these yarns a try because they're so much fun and they make fantastic gifts.

Jan also presented lots of new yarns we've added since her Newsletter at the beginning of the month, and she announced we're now giving 20% off Bernat yarns.

These are great value-priced yarns that knitters and crocheters love -- especially for baby items. Be sure to check out the savings because they're a particularly great value right now.

Oh...another new item she introduced in the newsletter is Mary Ellen's Made By Hand Therapy Gel. It's a quick-drying gel that contains white willow bark used for thousands of years in Europe and China to relieve inflammation and pain. Made By Hand Therapy Gel soaks right into your hands so there's no greasy feeling, and many knitters say it makes the yarn flow like silk along their hands. If you've got dry, chapped hands or arthritis, you might want to give this new gel lotion a try because it's getting rave reviews.

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Hope you're having a good Tuesday. We're waiting for one of customers to visit us with her pussycat. It's been like Critter Central here the past couple of days. Yesterday, Donnely brought Ms. Mercy (the pussycat Alex found in our garage in July) and then Tina, who makes sure all our orders are processed each morning, brought in the sweetest little puppy. She adopted him last Friday. I think this means that Lisa will be bringing in her new puppy, Leroy, that she picked up last night.

I don't have any pets to bring to the office with me. Well, unless you count Alex. But as pets go, he's not a good one. He's not obedient and he's always getting up on the furniture.

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