Friday, January 27, 2012

Universal Radio in Reynoldsburg has strengthened my faith in humanity.

Just when you're feeling like people don't care anymore, something happens to restore your faith in humanity. Today, Universal Radio in Reynoldsburg, OH has made me believe that there is a lot of unrewarded and unrecognized kindness out there in the world.

Here's the story:

About two weeks ago Alex spotted a pussycat on the side of the highway, near Highway 256 and Interstate 70. It's not a good place for a pussycat to be. As a matter of fact, I can't think of any place worse. Alex pointed out the cat to me, knowing full well what my response would be: we'd have to try to save it.

Well, he got across four lanes of traffic and pulled the car to the side, but when I got out to try to catch the pussycat, he ran away. I was upset...but I didn't want to risk chasing him into traffic.

About a week later, Susan our designer came into the office saying that the most beautiful cat in the world was on her deck and that her daughter, Caitlin, was trying to care for it. When she described it, I knew it was the cat we had seen near the roads. That poor pussycat had been outside in snow and rain for at least a week.

I drove over to Susan's house and got the cat. Soon, he was quite comfortable inside Yarnmarket where Stefanie and Michele fussed over him and made him feel welcome. We posted signs on all the doors so people would know we had a cat inside, and to please not let him out. He likes to sit at the window and watch the squirrels that come to eat the peanuts we leave out for them.

Stef and Michele named the pussycat "Zorro" and he's been very happy here while I was away for a few days. When I got back yesterday, I phoned the vet to make an appointment so he could have all his shots and be neutered. I's not a nice thing to do to a guy, but he's reached the age where it's necessary.

While we've been caring for Zorro, I've been trying to find a home for him because he's really a gorgeous, and affectionate pussycat, and we can't keep him here at Yarnmarket. A lot of shoppers don't want a pussycat near their yarn (he's in the office section and the yarn is kept in closed bins in the warehouse), and some of our Yarn Martian staff aren't too thrilled with me keeping a cat around. I guess they haven't yet figured out that my goal in life is to become the person referred to as, "the crazy cat lady." The only thing between me and 47 housecats is an asthmatic husband.

I checked to see if he had a chip, but he didn't. And I've posted on all the local Lost Cat boards, but no one has claimed him. So if you're looking for a really nice pussycat and you live in the area, please let me know. (One person who expressed interest is in the Boston area, so I may have to spring for airfare.)

He's really healthy, according to Dr. Shields, and he's going to have all his shots and be whomever is kind enough to adopt him won't be saddled with those expenses.

As I've been posting on Facebook about the pussycat, I received a note from Vinny Pinto, who is a friend of Katrinka (the Fabulous Feline). He mentioned a shop in Reynoldsburg -- about 1/2 mile from here -- that has all sorts of cats! I took a look at the site he directed me to and it's really something. They've got shots of cats from all over the world. I sent a photo of Zorro along with some info about our search for an owner.

I received the most wonderful email from Barbara at Universal Radio, who jokes that she's become a "cat addict." I thought I'd share it with you:

Thanks for sharing, Zorro is a beauty! I hope he finds a good home. How kind of you to take him to the vets and get him neutered.

We also do a good deal of "rescue" work with stray and feral cats and kittens. It seems that there is a never ending cycle of them. Poke around our website if you get a chance, there are many beautiful cats from all over the world.

We have our "office" cats, employee cats and customer cats on our site.

We have 5 full time resident cats at this time here at the office, I have 17 permanent resident cats at home ( all rescues), and we feed several feral (untamed) outdoors at work. The ferals have several shelters with heated mats and fresh food and fresh food and water.

Now, isn't that fantastic? These people are doing such wonderful work with cats!

You might want to visit their site and have a look. This is the sort of company I'd want to do business with...and I'm thinking that maybe Alex could use a new radio.

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