Monday, August 16, 2010

They came all the way from Dublin to visit us at Yarnmarket.

Okay...Dublin, Ohio. But that's at least a 30-minute drive! We were so thrilled when a group of knitters from Dublin asked if they could take over YarnMartian Headquarters last Saturday. Imagine how thrilled we were when they told us they were knocked out by our massive inventory!

There's a terrific blog posting about the visit at The Art of Tying Holes Together (great title, isn't it?) I've stolen one photo from the article, but you can see a lot more if you click on the link.

Thanks to all of you who visited with us. I'm so sorry I couldn't be here to be part of the fun. Alex and I were up in Canada for the weekend. We're so glad that Jan and her team took good care of you...and we hope they helped you eat all the cookies.

Oh...a quick note to members of the local Columbus, OH Knitting Guild: we'll have cookies ready for your arrival this Thursday evening.


Laurie said...

Aw...thanks...and you can thank my late father for the "tying holes together" reference. I'm glad I could come close to doing Yarn Market justice. :-)

Deborah Knight said...

Alex told me that you did a better job of describing Yarnmarket than I do.

Hey, I've got a great idea! Would you like my job? It comes complete with a husband.

Your Dad must have been a clever man. He's now immortalized!

billicummings said...

Where is your store located? Is it open to the public?

Deborah Knight said...

Yes, we're open to the public. Our regular hours are M-F from 9-6. But we'll stay open on weeknights or come in on the weekend if knitters let us know they'd like to visit.

We're in Pickerington, OH just south of Highway 70, off of 256. We hope you visit us!