Monday, October 19, 2009

Devra's Mittens are Going to Afghanistan

Each autumn I tackle something I've never done before, and my stretch project becomes a Christmas present for my friend, Devra. So far, Devra has had my first vest, my first socks...and this year, she was to get my first mittens. I'd worked very hard on those mittens because I was trying something new with them -- knit flat and then sew the seam. Julie, one of our most creative YarnMartians, gave me the pattern because she thought it would be a fun one for me to try. Well, I've learned that I'm better at using double-points for projects like this because my brain just naturally likes going in circles.

When I finished those mittens I was darned proud of myself. And I was delighted that I had Devra's Christmas gift completed and it was only September!

And then we got the letter from afghans 4 Afghans indicating that they're in urgent need for mittens, hats, sweaters, and blankets for the kids over there who will go cold if not for the generosity of knitters throughout the world. make a long story short. I have to start knitting something else for Devra because her mittens are now on their way to a4A. I know she'll understand. As a matter of fact, Devra will likely feel very good that her mittens are going to bring warmth to a young lady halfway around the world whose hands would be cold without them.

If any of you have some knitted items you can spare, please take a look at to see if they can bring comfort and joy to someone who will truly appreciate them.

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