Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank you, Frank Mahovlich!

Last week I wrote about our wonderful 27th Anniversary. Alex had gone all out -- giving me a Frank Mahovlich puck, Maple Leaf shirt, cake and card. Well, yesterday I was utterly astounded to receive an official anniversary greeting from THE Frank Mahovlich!

Isn't that something? Now a Senator in the Canadian government, Frank Mahovlich took the time to send us a very nice letter and an autographed photo of himself in his Maple Leafs uniform when he was Number 27.

What a thoughtful, unexpected surprise!

You know...I really don't want expensive gifts like gold and diamonds. Anyone with a credit card could buy me that. I am so much happier with my NHL hockey puck and sweater...and now this thoughtful gift from the man who inspired the celebration.

Thanks, Frank. You were one of the all-time greats on the ice, and you're one heck o f a nice guy, too. I hope our goofy idea catches on and that other Canadians decide to celebrate their 27th Anniversary in your honor.

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