Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bargains galore at BargainYARNS!

If you're trying to save money this holiday season (and who isn't?), be sure to check out BargainYARNS, our sale site. We've just received an enormous shipment of Imperfect books. These books have very minor damage for the most part, and are available at terrific discounts.

We sent out a BargainYARNS Alert yesterday to let our shoppers know that we've just added dozens of new books, so you won't want to waste any time buying the ones you want. They're literally flying out the doors. This makes Josh very happy.

I'm happy to report that BargainYARNS is also featuring several gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill yarns at discount prices, including Baby Loop Mohair, Glitter Alpaca, Silk and Merino Bulky, and Supersock Potluck.

We've also got some great Della Q and Lantern Moon bags and needle holders. These would make ideal Christmas gifts...for knitters you love and for yourself!

BargainYARNS features fabulous savings on good quality yarns and accessories. If you sign up for the BargainYARNS Alert, you'll receive a monthly alert telling you about what's new and on sale.

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