Monday, April 21, 2008

Gosh! It's Josh with Knitting Needles

This is a picture of Jan and Josh. Doesn't Josh look happy?

I've been putting pressure on our young, handsome Yarnmarket guy. Lots of pressure. "Learn to knit or I'll tell your mother-in-law!" Well, Josh and I both know his mother-in-law and if I tell her that Josh needs to learn to knit, she'll make darned sure that he does. (Casey can get anything done. Right now she's working in Dubai and whatever it is she's doing, I'll bet she gets it done on time, on strategy, and on budget.)

Anyway, Jan and Josh drove up to Cleveland to attend the Knitting Daily TV shoot, and by the time Josh got out of the car 2 1/2 hours later, he was impassioned; he needed to learn to knit. I don't know what it was Jan said to him, but I'm pretty sure it went something like, "Learn to knit or I'll tell your mother-in-law!"

Jan teaches classes here at Yarnmarket, and she's really good at it. So it didn't take her long to have Josh proudly clicking away to create a suprise scarf for his unsuspecting wife, Shelly. He's using nice big knitting needles and a big Rowan yarn which is perfect for beginners.

Josh clicked away at the shoot, and when I saw him the next day back at the office, he was proudly displaying the fruits of his labors to the very surprised ladies. They were really impressed with his skill...and all swore an oath to not tell any of his friends if ever they should happen to meet them.

I'm very proud that Josh can knit. Next, we're going to teach him tatting...and if he doesn't learn, I'm going to tell his mother-in-law.

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