Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh, the places I've been!

This is an interesting little gadget I just discovered from a member in Ravelry...and it made me realize how much I've traveled! This summer I'll be adding Iceland to it and maybe I can toss in a couple more states or provinces before I embark on that voyage.

It would be wonderful to touch the soil of every continent at some time in my life. If you could visit just one place in the world, what would it be?

visited 34 states (68%)
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visited 5 states (38.4%)
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visited 18 states (8%)
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Rachelle said...

I want to go to Lerwick in the Shetland Isles; unfortunately I can't see it happening, my husband only wants to go to Japan which I don't want to go to. I suspect we'll stay at home as we won't be able to afford both.

Deborah Knight said...

Wow! Lerwick is WAY up there! I've only gotten as far as the Butte of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. I hope you make it to Lerwick. I'll bet it's beautifully remote and rugged.

Judi said...

Why are you going to Iceland? And when? I have an online friend that lives there and would love to meet him face to face some day. He is a fabulous knitter! His lace shawls and lopapeysa sweaters are unbelievable! You can check him out on Ravelry - rodprjonar - and see some of his projects. Do look at Hyrna Herborgar III as he surprised me and sent it to me. It's gorgeous! The other Hyrna Herborgar is beautiful, too, but it's not pink. He also has a blog and takes some of the most fantastic photos of Iceland. I know you would enjoy seeing them - I think they are on flickr, too. I'm sure if you contacted him he would be willing to give you some tips on Iceland and possibly even meet up with you while there. Do tell him I "sent you" and then he'll better understand why/how you're connecting up with him. Oh, I truly am jealous of your trip.

Deborah Knight said...

Judi, we'll be going to Iceland in June for only two days! We're visiting France and thought we'd try Iceland Airlines because Iceland has had such a terrible economic time in the past few years we thought it would be nice to support them. Once we decided on that airline, we figured we might as well spend a couple of days there. We're traveling with our neighbors and they have only limited time for a holiday. I'll check out your friend on Ravelry because it would be very helpful to have some tips. With such limited time, we need to know what places ought to be at the top of our list. I'm very lucky to be able to travel, and in my previous jobs I got to do quite a bit in Europe. Of course, most of what I saw was airports, boardrooms and hotels! Thank goodness for airline points or it wouldn't be possible to go anywhere at all!