Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mirasol Yarn Project helps Peruvian Children

We're always excited when we can contribute to a worthy cause. So we're delighted to introduce Mirasol yarn. The philosophy behind the Mirasol Project is to support local communities in Peru through the sales of their lovely yarns. A percentage of the profits are invested in establishing and running a boarding-house for local children. The project focuses on an infant & child-care program with after-school support for older children so that the alpaca shepherds' families in the region have a secure place where the children can develop their potential.

So, when you purchase this yarn from Yarnmarket, you're helping families thousands of miles away. Isn't that nice?

We've just added three terrific yarns: Chirapa, Qina and Tupa.

Ultra-soft Qina is 80% baby alpaca and 20% bamboo. It's sensationally soft to knit & crochet with and is a delight to wear next to your skin. The bamboo gives a touch of sheen, and the alpaca adds loft and a pretty haloing effect. I'd recommend this yarn for any light worsted knitting & crochet projects.

Chirapa yarn is beautifully crafted of 100% merino wool and then hand-dyed in spectacular color combinations. It's ideal for more than just sport-weight sock projects, so check out the patterns for brightly colored kids' wear and lacy shawls and scarves.

Tupa is superbly crafted in 50% silk and 50% merino wool to achieve splendid drape & sheen. It also provides wonderful warmth, wearability and softness. This incredible 2-ply yarn shimmers with the lovely depth of color jewel tones found in their gemstone namesakes.

Please take a look at these yarns and consider them for your next project. By choosing Mirasol yarns, you'll be doing a world of good!

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