Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What I Chloe Woods

Michele, proud mama that she is, recently showed me a journal entry by her little girl, Chloe when she was eight years old. (She's ten now.) I thought it was so sweet that I wanted to share it with our readers:

What I Do by Chloe Woods

I watch T.V. and jump rope.
I listen to the radio.
I scream at my brother.
I work on the computer.
I write letters and color and eat.
I play games.
I run. I jump.
I play on my swing set.
I play with people in my neighborhood.
I shop.
I swim.
I write poems and stories.
I sharpen pencils.
I pet my cat.
I feed my fish.
I grow.
I play baseball.
I make my bed, sometimes.
I do my hair.
I make people laugh.
I go to my grandma's house.
I chase birds.
I play dodgeball.
I sleep.
I get dressed.
I talk.
I ride the bus. I ride the car.
I practice spelling.
I go to school.
I wake up.
I learn. I think.
I try to be nice.
I have fun!

Chloe didn't mention it, but she knits, too.

Chloe, I hope you grow up to be a writer.

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