Monday, August 4, 2008

Exclusive Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select

I guess I'm going to be making a lot more socks over the next while. We just received our new Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select yarn and it's so fantastic that I won't be able to resist it. The yarn is soft and luxurious, and has such a nice twist that it's going to be a real pleasure to work with.

We're really thrilled with all eight Impressionist Collection colors and I think I might go with Monet's Garden for a bright pair (perfect on dreary winter days) and maybe also a pair with Paris Rain because its muted tones are ideal for a more conservative look -- on those rare occasions when I want to trick people by appearing stately and elegant. (Yeah...right!)

My grand-daughter wants me to knit her a pair of socks in blue, and this interpretation of the Degas paintings -- Ballerina Blues -- is really pretty so I'll likely start out with that. Madison has nice tiny little feet so I figure these will be a quick knit.

This yarn is washable, of course, so it's a really nice choice for socks -- or for anything else you'd like to make. More and more people are getting into knitting lovely lacy garments with Chery Potter's sock yarn, and she's developed some great patterns for everything from shawls to tunic tops. Check 'em out because they're really cool.

Now I'm going to take a look at our new Ancient Threads fibers. I can't believe how many gorgeous new yarns we're getting in right now. Obviously, Alex has been buying things without telling me.

And speaking of Alex buying things, we visited the Dublin Irish Festival this weekend and the BIG fashion hit there was kilts. Men of every age and size were wearing these really funky looking, manly kilts with studs and pockets and all sorts of interesting features. They didn't have Alex's size but I think we might order one online. Check out Utilikilts. The guys who were wearing them looked so cute!

If you'd like to see Alex in a kilt, send him a letter of support! (Hurry...I don't want him to get cold feet. And that reminds me, if he buys a kilt, I'd better knit him some warm underpants!)

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